City of Westfield

Economic Development


The city wanted to create an exciting quick-look video targeting CEOs and business owners showcasing the opportunity for commercial development in Westfield. We particularly wanted to highlight recent growth, connectivity, proximity to Indianapolis amenities, and vibrant local amenities that have proven to draw and retain a talented work force.


A 3-minute edit for use on the City of Westfield website and social media


We decided to interview Westfield CEOs and business owners to give their perspective on Westfield’s growth and share how their location has contributed to their success. We also interviewed city officials to show that the city’s development has been thoughtful, intentional, and carefully planned. For b-roll we filmed Westfield events to project exciting images of growth, momentum, and fun family opportunities, and we highlighted our relationship with Indianapolis by filming at Victory Field, Banker’s Life Fieldhouse, and the Colts training camp.

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Vision/Brand Video


Pro-X is an athletic development team/brand that was founded by former pro athletes and coaches. Just months old when they commissioned us, we had the exciting opportunity of setting a tone for their brand as we introduced the world to their mission and vision. CarisDesign’s goal was to create a professional, edgy aesthetic that aligned with what our culture has come to associate with top athletic brands so that potential customers would buy into the fact that these guys are the real deal.


A 2-minute vision video edit, 90-second edits highlighting specific programs, and a 30-second teaser to be shared ahead of the other videos


We interviewed several staff to tell the story of Pro-X, and we decided to shoot in an open space at Grand Park that would emphasize the athletes instead of the environment, since the brand-new Pro-X facility wouldn’t be completed for another three months. We used LED tube lights and haze to create striking and bold imagery, and our b-roll of the athletes was designed to present them with swagger and confidence—the confidence that comes from being personally trained by former pros.


D.E.A.P. Vision


D.E.A.P. is a grant-based program that reaches, welcomes, and empowers underrepresented students of color at IUPUI through a variety of methods and outlets. CarisDesign was brought in to provide a look into the program’s vibrant culture and share stories about how and why this program is working so well.

The program is multi-faceted with many layers and an emphasis on individual development, so we needed to find a way to efficiently present the essence of why students need a program like D.E.A.P. and illustrate why they feel safe and empowered there.


A 5-minute edit to be shown to donors, a 2.5-minute edit for prospective students, and three 30-second pieces for use on social media


Interview the program’s director, current students, and alumnus to present multiple perspectives on the program. As a part of the narrative we filmed the current students individually and asked them for honest stories to highlight the vulnerability that new students feel when they come to college, and then we filmed the alumni in a group setting to capture the relational, familial energy that one can expect from the program.

For b-roll we immersed ourselves into the culture by attending many events and spending time relationally connecting with the students to win their confidence in us, and along the way we developed new relationships and our own appreciation for these students and this program.

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Chatham Hills

Website Centerpiece Video


Chatham Hills is a relatively new community development in Westfield, Indiana with a championship golf course and brand-new clubhouse full of amenities for its members. Their goal with this promo video was to separate themselves from traditional golf clubs by capturing the progressive, relational heart and culture of this new and growing community.


A 4-minute promo video to be featured on the website and shared on social media


We interviewed staff to highlight clubhouse amenities, and club members to talk about why they love being a part of this community. Similar to the D.E.A.P. program highlighted above, this was another case where we spent extended time immersing ourselves into the community in order to experience and present the true culture. That investment is what led to many of the immersive and interactive shots featured in the video, and it’s what made our client excited about how the passion and culture of this community was captured.

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Noblesville Schools

“We Are” Pride Piece


Noblesville Schools came to us wanting a fresh piece for their website as part of a brand and website update. They wanted it to be centered around key “We are” statements, which they provided, featuring footage from many of the 11 schools in their district.


One 2.5-minute edit for website and social


This was an interesting project because we knew each clip had to embody one of the “We are” phrases in just a few seconds. Communications Director Marnie Cook did an incredible job of pre-planning and organizing logistics as we filmed at 7 schools over the course of about a month. We also filmed at 9 different events to capture community integration and sports.

The project momentum halted when there was a shooting at Noblesville West on the second to last day of classes. Our filming was completed, but the tragic events changed a lot about how we saw the video. Ultimately after the shooting victims survived it was decided that there was no better time to present a piece that could help heal the community, and that’s exactly what happened. The response was highly emotional as hundreds of Noblesville citizens shared the piece and reaffirmed their confidence and love for the Noblesville School System. We are incredibly humbled to have been a part of it.